Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Leadville 100 update!

Well as of May 25 I have 12 weeks until my "A" race of the year which is Leadville 100.  I have had a couple of races since last post which was Colfax Marathon and Bolder Boulder 10k.  I finished Colfax Marathon in 3:28:57 which was only two days after a 21 mile 3400 ft gain effort and four days before a 22 mile 4400 ft gain effort.  That week was my biggest yet to date and my body handled it well.  Bolder Boulder 10k was a good effort in which I averaged 6:30 miles for 6.2 miles total feeling refreshed and ready to continue my training the following day.  I have a few longer more challenging races coming up with the Roxborough 50 miler on June 1 and Leadville Marathon June 29.  These two races will really show me how my training has been going.  In a way I can't wait for the Leadville 100 to be over it has consumed my life now since I thought about doing it last November. I definatly need a break from training to do some fun stuff like check some more 14ers off my list but for now they will have to wait.  For now I will have to trudge along getting my training in so hopefully Leadville won't totally eat me for supper and I will have that big beltbuckle in hand at the end but only time will tell.  For now off to train,

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  1. Hi, I believe you're the guy I kept trading places with in the Leadville Marathon on Saturday - I was googling the names of some of the finishers around me and I came across your blog. I just wanted to say that you are awesome at power hiking up hills! Nice race, and good luck on the 100.

    Maria Monks