Wednesday, June 12, 2013

     Well the first tune up race for the Leadville 100 went well, I finished the Roxborough 50 miler in 9:39.  I had some stomach issues which had me walking most of the last 20 miles or so but all in all it was good. The race director said the race had a total of 5000 ft gain/loss but when I downloaded my data from my garmin it said 10,130 ft of gain/loss.  So that was a stout training run considering Leadville 100 has around 17,000 total gain/loss.  Since I slowed the last 20 miles I was hardly sore at all and was back to full training in 3 days.  Amazing what all that base training I have done since November has helped me recovery in my longer runs.  I got up on the Leadville 100 course to run up and down the powerline section and it has some awesome trails and even better views. I know I can run under 25 hours with my fitness right now I just need to be patient and eat like i'm at a buffet. Hopefully I can get up to run the Hope Pass section next week and I feel comfortable about the rest of the 50 mile course. I can't wait for the Leadville 100 for a couple different reasons. My best friend from home is coming out and all of my family will be there to see me finish which is going to be awesome. Well next up is the Leadville Marathon June 29 and I am ready to kill it. 

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